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Build a Meal

Guruten (Gluten) Stir Fry

Tofu Shirataki Salad (Gluten free Cold Noodle Salad)


BAM 40: Ikura Don (Salmon Roe Rice Bowl), Shitake and Green Onion Osumashi and Salad.

BAM 39: Teriyaki Chicken, Okara salad, Daikon with Chirimen jyako and Rice.

BAM 38: Shake (Salmon) Rice, Satoimo and shimeji miso shiru, hiyayakko with komatsuna and salmon skin daikon oroshi

BAM 37: Sui-gyoza 3 (3 of 3)

BAM 36: Sui-gyoza 2 (2 of 3)

BAM 35: Cabbage Salad with Sesame Dressing, Suigyoza Soup, Eggplant and Bell Pepper Miso Stir fry and Rice

Matsutake Gohan

BAM 33: Yakiniku, Kimchi, Kimchee, Soy Bean Soup and Rice

BAM 32: Wafū Pasta 3: Sansai (Mountain Vegetable) Pasta

BAM 31: Nasu no Tuskemono (Fast and Easy), Turkey Hijiki Niku Dango (Meat Ball), Negitama (Egg and green onion) Miso Soup and Rice

Cooking Perfect Stove Top Japanese Rice (Update)

BAM 30: Okonomiyaki (American-Kitchen)

BAM 29: Okonomiyaki (Buta Tama) (Easy Breezy)

BAM 28: Classic Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki (Buta tama)

BAM 27: Hiyashi Chuka

BAM 26: Southern-Japanese Build-a-Meal featuring Fried Chicken with Umeboshi Honey Dipping Sauce, Tofu Macaroni Salad and Okara Cornbread

BAM 25: Vegan Build-a-Meal Nagaimo Pancake, Lemon Daikon, Myoga and Red Potato Miso Soup and Rice.

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articles tagged: Tofu

When I think of the quintessential winter time dish, it has to be nabe ryori. Nabe is Japanese hot pot and like most hot pot dishes, you can put anything in it. It's like the Asian version of stone soup. There are a few standard items that are usually part of most nabe dishes but there are many t...
2/3/2011 Kombu Katsuobushi Soy Sauce Tofu Hakusai Enoki Goma Miso Shirataki Negi Shungiku Fishball Ponzu
Hiyayakko with Komatsuna and Ginger
Hiyayakko is such a simple dish that it doesn't really need directions but it's a great side dish that goes with almost anything so I thought it was worth talking about. It's literally just tofu, some toppings and soy sauce. The most popular way to eat it is withkatsuobushi , myoga, ginger and s...
12/17/2010 Shoga Tofu Komatsuna Soy Sauce
Tofutilla, a tofu tortilla
Tofutilla, say what? I was wandering around a local farmer's market and I came across this vendor with unique soy products. He had smoked tofu, spicy tofu, soy pasta and you name it! One of the more interesting items he had was a tofu sheet cut into a circle and ingeniously named tofutilla. He wa...
10/27/2010 Tofu
Tofu Macaroni Salad
Ok...first off I know this is a stretch and that some people will be put off by this recipe. I liked it but it's not a recipe for everyone. Let me start by explaining the inspiration for this recipe. I was thinking about how to come up with a healthy macaroni salad that uses less mayo. I suddenly...
9/25/2010 Tofu Green Onions Mayonnaise Myoga Shoyga
Pink Beets with Sesame Tofu Sauce
This is the conclusion recipe for BAM 22. This recipe happened by accident but I liked it so much that I decided to make it again. I was trying to come up with an alternative for a cream cheese topping for the sushi cake and this tofu sauce was the result. It wasn't thick enough to pipe with a pa...
8/24/2010 Tofu Beets (Pink) Sesame Seeds Dashi Powder
BAM 22: Tofu, Kamaboko and Carrot Osumashi, Sushi Cake and Beets with Tofu sauce.
Osumashi (clear fish broth soup) is usually served to celebrate something and is almost always served with traditional kaiseki ryori. It is often served with sushi and New Year's food, as well as other medetai (celebratory) meals. My 100th post is coming up so I wanted to celebrate with my first ...
8/20/2010 Dashijiru Katsuobushi Tofu Carrot Mistuba Kamaboko Lemon Zest
Green onion and Tofu Miso Soup
Ok...I know I started my first miso soup recipe by calling it "Not just tofu and green onions in my miso soup please" but I figured at one time or another I'd get someone asking why I don't have the quintessential miso soup on my blog so here it is. I also thought what better time than the grille...
6/14/2010 Miso Soup Tofu
BAM 3: Righteous Tofu Burger, creamy and zesty lemon broccoli ae and Rice
BAM 3:Tofu burger Version 1,Creamy and Zesty Lemon Broccoli Ae andRice. Tofu burgers often get a bad wrap. I’m not sure why but I’m guessing it’s because people expect them to taste like meat. If you make them full of flavor, you can enjoy them for what they are, and not as a substitute for me...
5/25/2010 Dashijiru Tofu Daikon Hamburger
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