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Build a Meal

Guruten (Gluten) Stir Fry

Tofu Shirataki Salad (Gluten free Cold Noodle Salad)


BAM 40: Ikura Don (Salmon Roe Rice Bowl), Shitake and Green Onion Osumashi and Salad.

BAM 39: Teriyaki Chicken, Okara salad, Daikon with Chirimen jyako and Rice.

BAM 38: Shake (Salmon) Rice, Satoimo and shimeji miso shiru, hiyayakko with komatsuna and salmon skin daikon oroshi

BAM 37: Sui-gyoza 3 (3 of 3)

BAM 36: Sui-gyoza 2 (2 of 3)

BAM 35: Cabbage Salad with Sesame Dressing, Suigyoza Soup, Eggplant and Bell Pepper Miso Stir fry and Rice

Matsutake Gohan

BAM 33: Yakiniku, Kimchi, Kimchee, Soy Bean Soup and Rice

BAM 32: Wafū Pasta 3: Sansai (Mountain Vegetable) Pasta

BAM 31: Nasu no Tuskemono (Fast and Easy), Turkey Hijiki Niku Dango (Meat Ball), Negitama (Egg and green onion) Miso Soup and Rice

Cooking Perfect Stove Top Japanese Rice (Update)

BAM 30: Okonomiyaki (American-Kitchen)

BAM 29: Okonomiyaki (Buta Tama) (Easy Breezy)

BAM 28: Classic Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki (Buta tama)

BAM 27: Hiyashi Chuka

BAM 26: Southern-Japanese Build-a-Meal featuring Fried Chicken with Umeboshi Honey Dipping Sauce, Tofu Macaroni Salad and Okara Cornbread

BAM 25: Vegan Build-a-Meal Nagaimo Pancake, Lemon Daikon, Myoga and Red Potato Miso Soup and Rice.

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articles tagged: Vegan

Tofu Shirataki Salad (Gluten free Cold Noodle Salad)
Long time no write. I've been having stomach issues for about two months after an unfortunate incident with a hot dog (never eating those again). I've been living off of mochi and pureed vegetable soup so I haven't been very adventurous with my cooking lately. I also decided that I was going to p...
4/14/2011 Soy Sauce Kyuri Tomato Vinegar Sesame Seed Oil Tofu Shirataki Avocado Vegan
BAM 31: Nasu no Tuskemono (Fast and Easy), Turkey Hijiki Niku Dango (Meat Ball), Negitama (Egg and green onion) Miso Soup and Rice
It's time for another build a meal that has multiple okazu (side dishes) that make up the meal. It's finally starting to feel like autumn where I live so I wanted to eat something hearty, which to me, means meat. This BAM is comprised of: Nasu no Tuskemono (Fast and Easy), Turkey Hijiki Niku Dang...
10/20/2010 Vegan Nasu Ichimi Togarashi
Myoga and Red Potato Vegan Miso Soup
This is the conclusion recipe for BAM 25. This miso soup was a bit of a challenge because I didn't want to sacrifice flavor. Myoga is so fragrant and it's a wonderful compliment to miso. If you can't get myoga, a tiny bit of grated ginger will also add tons of flavor. Leave the skin on the red po...
9/15/2010 Kombu Akamiso Vegan Myoga Red Potato
Lemon Daikon
This recipe is originally intended for yuzu but it's a little hard to come by in the US so I decided to use lemon since I had a bunch of freshly picked lemons on hand. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out because yuzu daikon is one of my favorite sunomono (pickled in vinegar) dishes but I w...
9/13/2010 Daikon Lemon Rice Vinegar Vegan
BAM 24: Yakionigiri Ochazuke
This meal was inspired by Seiroku Honda who was a famous author, botanist and landscape designer who designed many national parks in Japan during the Meiji Era (1868-1912). His story begins when he goes to Germany to study abroad and returns to Japan to become an assistant professor at Tokyo Univ...
8/28/2010 Soy Sauce Rice Sesame Seed Oil Sesame Seed Green onions Ginger Vegan
Ingredient in the Spotlight: Sansai Mix (Mountain vegetables)
Sansai mix is healthy mix of vegetables. The kanji for sansai (山菜)is the combination of mountain (山) and vegetable (菜). It is usually a mix of seri (Oenanthe javanica) which is part of the parsley family, takenoko (bamboo), zenmai (Japanese fern plant),enokitake (Flammulina velutipes) and kikurag...
7/31/2010 Enoki Vegan Sansai Mix Seri Zenmai Kikurage Takenoko
Ingen (Green bean) Goma-miso Ae
Vegetable ae (ah-eh) dishes are common in Japanese cuisine. SeeCreamy Zesty Lemon Broccoli Ae andBeet leaf Peanut Miso Ae. Both of these are not very traditional Japanese ae dishes but Ingen no goma-miso ae is one that pops up in my mind as a classic vegetable ae dish. Whenever my mom and I mad...
7/14/2010 Goma Vegan Miso Green beans
Kabocha Dango with Tsubuan (Red bean)
Last summer I went to my mom's friend's house in Otaru. She has a house on a hill with spectacular views of the ocean. She prepared us a lunch on her patio that consisted of imo mochi (potato paddies which are a Hokkaido specialty dish), corn and a few other Hokkaido delicacies. The imo mochi was...
7/7/2010 Kabocha Tsubuan Katakuriko Vegan
Potatoes with Sage tempura
My mom whipped up this recipe one day after gardening for a few hours. I could tell she wanted something hearty and flavorful after slaving away under the hot sun. It was summer and her herbs were growing happily after nearly a 7-month winter. My parents live in Hokkaido, also known as "Snow Coun...
7/6/2010 Potatoes Sage Vegan Vegetarian
BAM 11: Beet leaf Peanut Miso Ae, Chicken Katsu with a Twist and Potatoes with Sage Tempura
BAM 11: Beet leaf Peanut Miso Ae,Chicken katsu with a twist andPotatoes with sage tempura . It's summer time and the farmer's markets are like treasure troves full of bright gem-like fruits and vegetables. Since I live in California, I wanted to start incorporating some of these wonderful ingre...
7/3/2010 Beets Vegan Miso
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