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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010
Yaki Yaki Soba!

Heyyyyyy YALL! I have Paula Dean on the brain. I know a far cry from Japanese food but I enjoy a little Southern cookin' every now and then.

Today I want to write about Yakisoba because it's one of my quick go-to meals when I want something fast and satisfying.

Ingredients (2 servings)
1 package of yakisoba noodles (comes with three individually wrapped bags of noodles)
1 carrot pealed and sliced
1.5 cup of chopped cabbage
half of an onion
1 slice of bacon
Yakisoba sauce
1/2 cup of water
Aonori (dried light green seaweed)
Mayo if you're a mayola (person who loves mayonnaise)
1 spring onion (optional)
Beni shoga (red pickled ginger) optional

1) In 2 separate frying pans, put the packaged noodles in them without breaking them up and cook on low to medium heat on each side for 10 minutes. This will give them nice crispy color and dry out the noodles a bit. Yakisoba should be a little dry but don't worry because you'll add in sauce.
2) Chop up onion, carrots, cabbage and bacon.
3) Toss bacon into a third pan and fry on both sides until nice and golden.
4) Add the onions and stir fry until it starts to caramelize.
5) Add in the carrots and cabbage and cook until soft.
6) Combine the noodles into one frying pan once both sides have been cooked and break up the noodles and add water. This will help to break up the noodles.
7) Add yakisoba sauce to the noodles and to the veggies. You should have two frying pans going now. Batch cooking helps speed up the process.
8) One the noodles and veggies are mixed with enough sauce add the spring onions if you opt to and combine the two together.

Start your noodles first. Cook on each side for 10 minutes on low to medium heat. You can fit 2 per pan.
Yakisoba-frying noodles

Prepping your veggies:
Yakisoba-prepping your veggies

Use thick cut bacon just cuz it's yummy!
Yakisoba-thick cut bacon

Fry up the bacon until nice and browned and then add onions.
Yakisoba-bacon and onions

Add the carrots and cabbage.
Yakisoba-add the carrots and cabbage

Add water and yakisoba sauce.
Yakisoba-add the sauce

Combine the noodles and add yakisoba sauce. Mix well.
Yakisoba-add sauce to noodles

Combine the veggies with the noodles.
Yakisoba-combine noodles and veggies

Sprinkle with aonori and more sauce. Whew weeeee look at that steam!

I used my cool mayonnaise dispenser for my Okonomiyaki but I use it for yakisoba too because...well I'm sort of a mayola.

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