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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
BAM 9: Beef and onion korokke, okura (okra) okazu, fried eggplant and Yuba (tofu skin) shiromiso miso soup and Stove top Rice.

All of the miso soup posting so far have followed the same miso soup recipe base because I used awase miso. This recipe uses shiromiso so it will call for significantly more miso since shiromiso is lower in sodium. Shiromiso is also sweeter so you'll need more to counter balance this sweetness.

I've been hooked on this miso shiru because it has a maroyaka (mild) taste from the shiromiso but a richness that comes from the eggplant. It goes perfectly with this Korokke Build a meal.

Ingredients (Servings 2)
2 cups of dashijiru
1/3 cup or 4 tablespoons of shiromiso
8-10 oblique cut Japanese or Asian eggplants (see Cooked Ninjin Carrots on how to cut them.) These eggplants are slightly longer and thinner however.
14 slices of yuba or tofu skins (Cut into 1 inch wide, 3 inch long pieces) thinly cut green onions for garnish.

1) Wash and cut eggplants. Soak in a bowl of water while you prep the yuba (tofu skins).
2) Drain water from eggplant and dry with a paper towel. Don't forget to do this because you don't want to put water into the hot oil.
3) Heat canola oil to 180 C or approx. 350 F.
4) Carefully drop the eggplants in the hot oil and cook 1-2 minutes.
5) In a sauce pot, simmer the dashijiru and add the yuba and simmer a bit. This depends on if you have fresh yuba or the dried yuba. If you use dried yuba you will want to soak it beforehand.
6) Add the miso and dissolve into a ladle with chopsticks.
7) Serve into bowls and add the eggplant and top it off with green onions.

Slightly elongated oblique cut Asian eggplant. If you use regular eggplant you might want to peel off the skin since it is tough.
Yuba Miso soup-oblique cuts

When you first drop them in, they will foam up a lot so don't fill the pot more than half way with oil.
Yuba Miso soup-deep fry eggplant

When they are close to done they shouldn't bubble up as much and have a light tan color.
Yuba Miso soup-almost done

Put the eggplant on paper towels to soak up any excess oil.
Yuba Miso soup-drain on paper towel

Simmer the yuba depending on the type of yuba you have.
Yuba Miso soup-cook yuba

Add the miso.
Yuba Miso soup-Add shiromiso

Ladle in the soup and the yuba.
Yuba Miso soup-serve into bowls

Arrange the eggplant in the middle.
Yuba Miso soup-arrange eggplant

Top it off with green onions.
Yuba Miso soup-Served
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