Build a Meal

Guruten (Gluten) Stir Fry

Tofu Shirataki Salad (Gluten free Cold Noodle Salad)


BAM 40: Ikura Don (Salmon Roe Rice Bowl), Shitake and Green Onion Osumashi and Salad.

BAM 39: Teriyaki Chicken, Okara salad, Daikon with Chirimen jyako and Rice.

BAM 38: Shake (Salmon) Rice, Satoimo and shimeji miso shiru, hiyayakko with komatsuna and salmon skin daikon oroshi

BAM 37: Sui-gyoza 3 (3 of 3)

BAM 36: Sui-gyoza 2 (2 of 3)

BAM 35: Cabbage Salad with Sesame Dressing, Suigyoza Soup, Eggplant and Bell Pepper Miso Stir fry and Rice

Matsutake Gohan

BAM 33: Yakiniku, Kimchi, Kimchee, Soy Bean Soup and Rice

BAM 32: Wafū Pasta 3: Sansai (Mountain Vegetable) Pasta

BAM 31: Nasu no Tuskemono (Fast and Easy), Turkey Hijiki Niku Dango (Meat Ball), Negitama (Egg and green onion) Miso Soup and Rice

Cooking Perfect Stove Top Japanese Rice (Update)

BAM 30: Okonomiyaki (American-Kitchen)

BAM 29: Okonomiyaki (Buta Tama) (Easy Breezy)

BAM 28: Classic Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki (Buta tama)

BAM 27: Hiyashi Chuka

BAM 26: Southern-Japanese Build-a-Meal featuring Fried Chicken with Umeboshi Honey Dipping Sauce, Tofu Macaroni Salad and Okara Cornbread

BAM 25: Vegan Build-a-Meal Nagaimo Pancake, Lemon Daikon, Myoga and Red Potato Miso Soup and Rice.

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Essential Cooking Tools: Mini Garlic/Ginger grater

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
Last week I introduced the daikon grater as one my essential cooking tools since it’s sort of an all-in-one type of grater and it’s large enough to grate almost anything. This week, I want to introduce my mini grater that I also can’t live without. Although you can use your daikon grater to grate garlic and ginger, it’s so much easier to have one of these mini ones if you just want to grate a clove of garlic or a small piece of ginger. I have a ceramic one and a plastic one, although I seem to have misplaced the plastic one. I got the plastic one from a 100 yen (dollar store). These mini graters are great when you just want to grate just a little bit of carrot or daikon for a sauce or garnish.

The reason why I love these graters is because grating releases the juices and oils more than when minced. I also use it when I don’t want chunks of garlic or ginger in my dish and I just want it to perfume the food. Also, ginger is very fibrous and grating helps to break it up and separate the fiber from the ginger.

So far, I’ve used this grater in my Tofu Burger and Shogayaki.

Ceramic mini grater.
Ceramic grater

Grating a clove of garlic. Hold onto the root end and grate.
Ceramic grater-using it

Grated garlic looks like this. Discard the root end.
Ceramic grater-grated garlic

Raking the garlic into a bowl. This mini rake gets into the crevices of the grater. GREAT invention!
Ceramic grater-raking it into the bowl

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